LTPP InfoPave Section Summary Report

Welcome to LTPP InfoPave Section Summary Report, a convenient feature that provides an overview of each LTPP test section. With just a few clicks through this tour, you’ll be ready to quickly gain knowledge about the characteristics and performance of any LTPP test section. Ready?

Find Sections

Under the "Find Sections" panel on the left hand side of your screen, there are a number of filters that can assist you in narrowing down your search for LTPP sections. These filters include general information, structure, climate, traffic, and performance filters.

If you point your mouse over each filter, you will see a description that explains how each filter works. For example, you can filter to find sections that are more than 25 years old using the Age filter.

Filter Menu

In the “Find Sections” panel bar, you will see different options under filter menu. If you filter your search criteria using “Find Sections,” you can save your filters by clicking on the “Save Filters” option in the “Filter Menu”. When you click on the “Save Filters” menu option, a new window will appear asking you to name your set of filters.

You can then open the saved filters by clicking on the “Open Filters” option in the “Filter Menu.” When you open a saved set of filters, InfoPave will automatically apply your saved filters.

Section Information Bar

Section information bar shows the number of selected sections which have been filtered using the "Find Sections" panel. Other available options are "Show Sections" and "Go To…" The "Show Sections" button allows you to see the list of your selected sections and corresponding general information within each state or province.

The "Go To…" feature provides quick access to and switching capability among a series of InfoPave features such as Maps, Section Summary Report, Section Timeline, Pavement Cross-Section Viewer, and others. For example, you can locate the sections on a map or visualize data to make sure you have selected the sections you had in mind.

Unit System, Print, and Excel Export

Summary data can be displayed in original (default) LTPP units, US Customary units, or Metric system units.

Any information from the section summary report can be printed in a printer-friendly format by clicking on the printer icon. The information will be printed in the unit system that is currently selected.

The data and graphs included in the section summary report can also be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format by selecting "Export to Excel." Information for up to twenty five different sections can be downloaded in a single file. Data will be downloaded in the unit system that is currently selected.

Data: Basic Section Overview

After narrowing down your search of test sections, you can review information about each section. The first tab, "Data", is open by default when navigating to the Section Summary Report, and the information in this tab is grouped into four different categories.

LTPP Section History and Pavement Structure

The second category, "LTPP Section History and Pavement Structure", contains information regarding Maintenance and Rehabilitation (M&R) and pavement structure layers. This information presented in this category can also be viewed visually by navigating to the "Section Timeline" or "Pavement Cross-Section Viewer" using the "Go To…" feature.

Climate and Traffic

The third category, "Climate and Traffic", includes a summary of the climate and traffic data collected by year since the section was incorporated into the LTPP program.


The final category, "Performance", summarizes the performance data collected since the section was incorporated into the LTPP program. This data includes distress data from Manual Distress Surveys (MDS), International Roughness Index (IRI) values from profile measurements, and deflection data from Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) testing.


By clicking on the "Graphs" tab of the Section Summary Report feature, you can see a graphical representation of several of the data summaries included in the "Data" tab. For example, by selecting the "Average Annual Precipitation" category, you can view a graph of precipitation vs. year for the currently selected section.

If you select a different unit system, the graphs will automatically update using the new unit system selection.


The Section Summary Report gives you the capability to compare data from up to four different test sections. In order to compare data from different sections, first select the "Compare" tab. Next, click the first "Select" button under "Select Sections" and chose a section to use for comparison. Use the "select" button in the next two columns as necessary to add the third or fourth test sections to the comparison.

You can now view a side-by-side comparison of descriptive and performance data for each of the selected sections. There are two additional sub-tabs included in the "Compare" tab. The first sub-tab, "Data", presents comparisons in tabular form, and the second sub-tab, "Graphs", presents comparisons in graphical form.

The attributes used for comparison can be customized by clicking "Select Attributes".

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Find Sections
Find Sections (a.k.a. Section Filters) provides filter criteria to narrow down the selection of LTPP test sections. Users can apply filters from multiple classifications at their discretion. Selected Section Count is updated in real-time as the user applies filters.