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LTPP InfoPave Section Timeline

Welcome to LTPP InfoPave Section Timeline, a useful feature to review data existence over the life of each LTPP test section.

With just a few clicks through this tour, you’ll be ready to quickly gain information about the existence of the data that interests you on any LTPP test section. Ready?

Find Sections

Under the “Find Sections” panel on the left hand side of your screen, there total of 25 filters that can assist you in narrowing down your search for LTPP sections. These filters are categorized as General , Structure, Climate, Traffic, and Performance filters.

If you point your mouse over each filter, you will see a description that explains how each filter works. For example, you can filter to find sections that are in the Dry, Freeze by selecting Climatic region filter.

Section Information Bar

Section information bar shows the number of selected sections which have been filtered using the “Find Sections” panel. Other available options are “Show Sections” and “Go To…” The “Show Sections” button allows you to see the list of your filtered sections and corresponding section information within each state or province.

The “Go To…” feature provides quick access to and switching capability among a series of InfoPave features such as Maps, Section Summary Report, Section Timeline, Pavement Cross-Section Viewer, and others. For example, you can locate the sections on a map or visualize data to make sure you have selected the sections you had in mind.

Locate Section

After selecting a test section you can find out where it is located by clicking on Locate Section. , You can review information about the section in View LTPP Sections by Location under Maps feature.

Data Available

Above the timeline is a legend describing some of the types of traffic and climate data are available. The legends are used on the left hand side of the timeline to indicate by month when data exists for whole year.

The Construction No icon indicates when a maintenance event occurred. It will appear on the centerline of the time line of selected section.

For all of the elements included on the timeline it is possible to preview the data associated ewith the event or in the case of traffic and climate, the statistics for that element for the year.

View by

When the timeline initially appears the data for climate, traffic, performance, materials testing, and maintenance and rehabilitation events among others is displayed. If you are interested in only one type of data, like maintenance, selecting it will limit the information displayed on the timeline to that element and climate and traffic.

Please update your selection criteria, there are no more sections that meet your criteria.
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Find Sections
Find Sections (a.k.a. Section Filters) provides filter criteria to narrow down the selection of LTPP test sections. Users can apply filters from multiple classifications at their discretion. Selected Section Count is updated in real-time as the user applies filters.